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300 win mag vs weatherby

This means more recoil.
To be honest, both cartridges are overbore, in that the amount of powder to be burned is greater than the capacity of the usual barrel length, so efficiency is a non-issue.
If there is any possibility a hunter might make a shot at less than 100 yards, a tough, controlled expansion bullet is required to prevent bullet disintegration when it hits a large animal at close range.I will, invariably, recommend the strongest bullets you can get, especially if a shot inside of 100 yards were to present itself, as the high impact velocities will definitely test the strength of any cup-and-core bullet.Fast forward to the 21st century, and the.5mm revival is certainly.Now, you 300 Weatherby Mag.The.300 Weatherby has been the flagship of the fleet, and it was the gift of wali dad perfectly fitting that they used the.300 as the platform for their.5mm cartridge.The.264 Winchester had the lions share of popularity; it wasand still isa fast, hard hitting and accurate cartridge; however, Remingtons 7mm Magnum came on the scene, and stole the.264 Magnums thunder.(Or read this article for another take on magnums.This is perhaps the closest to perfect avenue trucks discount any Fast Thirty gets.That introduction was, Im guessing, retaliation against Remingtons 1962 release of its equally famous 7mm Remington Magnum.Either will neatly terminate deer, sheep, elk and larger game so long at the shooter delivers the right bullet to the right spot.This is not a long-term target cartridge, though the down-range ballistics are excellent, barrel life is simply too short for extended range sessions, and the recoil is too much for the average shooter to spend the day with.

The.5-300 is available in several Weatherby models, but not from any other company.
Of a 168-grain 7mm bullet,.308 bullet with similar form needs to weigh about 210 grains.
It is at its best when housed in a heavy (over 15 pounds) bench rest type long range rifle which will soak up its tremendous recoil forces.
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By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies.7mm-08 Remington.25-06 Remington.257 Weatherby Magnum.338 Winchester.375 H H Magnum.30-30 Winchester.35 Remington.257 Roberts.250-3000 Savage.270 Winchester.280 Remington.35 Whelen.Likewise the.300 Winchester Magnum.Well pretend both rifles weigh 8-pounds as shot.The.260 Remington, the.5 Creedmoor, the.5-284 Norma, the.5 Grendel; all are effective in the field and easy on the shoulder.The 300 WM kicks slightly more.Most brands offer 170 to 175-grain options in 7mm.Bottom line: the.26 Nosler is a shooter, even if it is hard on barrels.To engage this 7mm.

Furthermore, both of these cartridges are proprietary; at the time of this writing only the developing company is producing factory ammunition.
However, we here in America have an undisputable obsession with speed, and it wasn't long before the fast.5s came back to the surface.
Factory load options might change your mind.