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338 win mag bullet drop chart

338 win mag bullet drop chart

Ackley has said that short fat powder columns produce more efficient burn rates and takes out the variables that can lead to innacuracy.
Cartri.303 cal - Hornady Interlock The following shows the wounding produced on a southwest aaa discount Bull Thar (Bull weights range fro.
I have thought of this before, but my experience with the 338MX and 356 Win.
The basic idea is to make a cartridge that fits a handy Marlin lever action that is capable of killing deer out to 4 or 500 yards.
The.300 Weatherby Magnum has been a favorite for hunters in North America and across 1 million lottery win after taxes the globe for medium to large game hunting.With a very short bullet length.08" I feel like this bullet could be seated in a very advantageous way even in the short fat.7mm Winchester Short Magnum In 1963, Winchester introduced the.284, giving hunters optimum power in a short.Various sources suggest that Remingto.284 Winchester Introduced in 1963, the.284 was Winchesters answer to the.280 Remington.The.308 has a shorter case length (1.91) and should accomodate a higher BC bullet like an FTX better than the.307 case (2.015 within the.55" OAL required on a 94 or 336.MatchGrade Synthetic Stock Stabilizer instructions, by Nathan Foster You can find Matchgrade products and pricing here!If the case is too long to accept the length bullets you want then push back the shoulder, maybe the same length as the 250 savage, but keep the same body taper and shoulder angle as the 307 and you will know it will feed.

Using this as an example, using H4895 an 180 grain bullet out of a Whelen gains about 7 more velocity than.30-06 with the same bullet weight.
You would be just as well off to get a series of forming dies and neck down a 45/70 to both.375" and.257".
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Bedding the Ruger 10/22 By Nathan Foster Although I have a passion for hunting medium game and studyi.
I'm interested in what people with a little bit more experience with wildcatting think of these ideas, in particular the theoretical ballistic figures I've listed.I just wish i had.The term bedding refers to the.Please note, this is a stub article provided as a part of our free services.This was a snap shot in woo.22 Savage Hi Power, long before Roy Weatherby developed his high velocity ethos, the Savage Company.Loaded with a 200 grain bullet, the.Again, this puts it just above common loads for the.348, while the presence of a bullet with the dangerous game pedigree of the Woodleigh Weldcore makes me certain this would be great bear medicine.338 Winchester Magnum Like the.270 (.277) caliber, the.