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And some powerful flowers are even shamelessly in the top like gardenia.
The foundations of a great fragrance.
It was a classical BAM!
But also high quality.Great sillage, excellent longvity, perfectly mixed, balanced out masterfully 'to a T'.No infighting amongst the power flowers here.When I smell it I think of heaven, although I'm not religious, I think of the first days of spring when it is 'skirt day when the women first drop their winter clothes and get their skirts out of the closet and let the sun.This kind of perfume oakland marathon coupon code is part of the 'feminine mystique I realized.'Organza' stirred something in my soul and body and in my world of yet not developped desires and longings.I remembered thinking: 'If all women would smell like this, then I would be in heaven' and cruising the streets day and night like a blind Al Pacino in 'Scent of a Woman' for whiffs of 'Organza'.So you get tired of them easily because there is not 'tension' between the different notes and leevels.You have the virgin-girls frags and the women-frags.That elevates 'Organza' from great floral to exceptional masterpiece.The walnut with is woody slightly bitter aroma 'unsweetens' the flowers just enough and at the same time creates very interesting inner contrasts in the middle itself, and with the top and base.Then an older female friend let me smell a tester vial of 'Organza'.

The result is intense, feminine, creamy, rounded, the warm gut feeling of L-O-V-E but at the same time seductively sensual and sheer beautiful.
There is one flanker 'Organza Indecence' who is also great, but totally different from the more floral, opulent, rich, creamy 'Organza'.
This was another world.
'Organza' was Labbes calling card and she was launched.
It's there, but this is no 'vanilla' fragrance.And peaceful together in harmony.First the base is very strong, classy and a powerhouse.In the top: the effervescent slightly exotic African orange flower, great gardenia and in the middle sweet honeysuckle, strong tuberose, peppery jasmine, lovely and delicate iris, aromatic peony.By this breathtaking beauty.Organza is about love, desire and the fulfillment of those.She also made Kylie Minogues 'Sexy Darling'.But the vanilla is imho not as porminent as some say.Till she created this masterpiece.That's the difference between a perfume classic and a lot for contemporary vanilla fruity florals.

I also wondered why girls of my age insisted of smelled like sugar, milkshakes and flower gardens to seduce boys.
Mostly one or two of them are used in one fragrance.