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First nobel prize in physics 1901

Discovery of quarks Kendall, Henry Way.S.
1901, röntgen, Wilhelm Conrad, germany discovery of X-rays 1902, lorentz, Hendrik Antoon, netherlands investigation of the influence of magnetism on radiation.
2 women have been awarded the Physics Prize so far.
After having declined invitations to similar positions in the Universities of Jena (1886) and Utrecht (1888 he accepted it from the University of Würzburg (1888 where he succeeded Kohlrausch and found among his colleagues Helmholtz and Lorenz.Röntgen's name, however, is chiefly associated with his discovery of the rays that he called X-rays.Amiable and courteous by nature, he was always understanding the views and difficulties of others.He then entered the University of Utrecht in 1865 to study physics.

Research in subatomic particles 1989 Dehmelt, Hans Georg.S.
He was especially apt at making mechanical contrivances, a characteristic which remained with him also in later life.
Work on electron emission by hot metals 1929 Broglie, Louis-Victor, 7e duc de France discovery of the wave nature smoked and uncut discount code of electrons 1930 Raman, Sir Chandrasekhara Venkata India work on light diffusion; discovery of the Raman effect 1932 Heisenberg, Werner Germany creation of quantum mechanics 1933.
Tunneling in semiconductors and superconductors 1974 Hewish, Antony.K.In 1895 he was studying the phenomena accompanying the passage of an electric current through a gas of extremely low pressure.France investigations of radiation phenomena discovered by Becquerel.Later, Max von Laue and his pupils showed that they are of the same electromagnetic nature as light, but differ from it only in the higher frequency of their vibration.Discovery of a new class of elementary particles (psi, or J) 1977 Anderson, Philip.Work in quantum electronics leading to construction of instruments based on maser-laser principles Prokhorov, Aleksandr Mikhaylovich.S.S.R.Curie, Pierre, france investigations of radiation phenomena discovered by Becquerel 1904, rayleigh (of Terling Place John William Strutt, 3rd Baron.Russia development of fast semiconductors for use in microelectronics Kilby, Jack.

Work on the atomic nucleus that paved the way for nuclear fusion 1976 Richter, Burton.S.
Analysis of crystal structure by means of X-rays 1917 Barkla, Charles Glover.K.