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Homemade christmas gifts for nieces and nephews

I purchased 2 pkgs.
I'm normally firmly anti-gift cards, but those stand the greatest chance of actually getting used.
Posted by desjardins at 3:05 PM on November 27, 2011 1 favorite Silly Putty, a Slinky, a Koosh ball, etc.
Some of my all boy wagon baby shower gift basket for newborns favorites are: A discover more card rewards book of poetry by my adult daughter.Map Magnets from Natalme.Maybe you can find one that you can paint (or write with a thin sharpie) their name and the year on each one.Homemade Christmas gifts are a great way to save money on Christmas.Personal Possessions, giving personal possessions as gifts doesn't work in most cases, but it's something your niece will treasure.I pull them out every DAY and write, on the card, what I'm grateful/thankful for (about the person I'm giving the gift to!).Problem: we are super busy and also pretty broke.Even kids who aren't into reading still get a trip to the bookstore to pick out new magazines, a journal, a game, or something from the coffee shop.

It's a great gift on so many levels.
Yes, I really do need to give them things (this is probably not the time to discuss anti-consumerism).
I absolutely love Christmas shopping for them but this year Im attempting to hand-make all of their Christmas gifts.
Roll the letter, secure it with a ribbon and leave it in an area she'll find on the morning of her wedding.
The other idea is to create one-of-a-kind coupons, custom-made.I'm doing the same for my 8-yr.MY latest videos, just to make sure my plate is completely full for the holidays.Think of something of yours that she's always admired or valued, whether it's a piece of jewelry with a rich family history or the cookbook you used when you taught her how to cook as a child.Posted by xo at 12:09 PM on November 27, 2011 5 favorites Ditto consumable gifts like gourmet candies with small-denomination B N gift cards (you can do Starbucks or iTunes gifts for the older kids).I got my teenage cousins those 10 kits that come in a plastic carrying case and they loved them.