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How to win strategy

how to win strategy

While everyone wants to keep options open as long as possible, only making and acting on choices allow you to win.
The trick is to have five answers that are consistent with one another and actually reinforce one another.
Asking where to play is an important question, exeter airport parking voucher code but where not to play is just as important.
What made the system work is that they focused on burger, fries, soft drinks and shakes.
The heart of strategy, according to Lafley and Martin, is deciding where to play and determining how you will win there.You have to do a bit of work on all of them.That notwithstanding, most managers find strategy to be cheap baby shower gift bag ideas more complicated, arduous and ineffectual than either they would wish or is productive for their organizations.In the words of Peter Drucker, Concentration is the key to economic results.What are those things that distract you and your team from being laser-focused?Most organizations start at the top with some kind of mission/vision exercise that drives participants around the bend.At a later stage in the process, a company ties to those aspirations some specific benchmarks that measure progress toward them.As McDonald's began to expand, Ray Kroc had to continue to pound his message and the business model of a limited menu.Ray was a salesman and, in his travels, he met Mack and Nick McDonald who were running a unique burger joint.Where to play represents the set of choices that narrow the competitive field.

In fact, it was years since its inception that McDonald's added a new menu item.
The reason it drives them crazy is that it is extremely difficult to create a meaningful aspiration/mission/vision in the absence of some idea Where to Play and How to Win.
Just as important as defining where to play is defining where not.
That requires having a clear definition of strategy: strategy is choice. .
In my work as an executive coach, I see leaders who are tempted to add more more products or services or expanded customer demographics, before they have won where they currently play.It will save you from endless visioning exercises, misdirected swot analyses, and lots of heroically uninformed big thinking.Strategy therefore requires making explicit choices to do some things and not others and building a business around those choices.Ultimately, this is a story about choices, including the choice to create a discipline of strategic thinking and strategic practice within an organization.Where to Play, the winning aspiration broadly defines the scope of the firms activities; where to play and how to win define the specific activities of the organization what the firm will do, and where and how it will do this, to achieve its aspirations.Great organizations do not try to be all things to all people. .The systems and measures that enable the capabilities and support the choices.A playing field where you can achieve that aspiration.