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Director: Bill Allenby (ATV) Dialogue Mass Aug 4th 1963: from the RC Church of Saint Anthony Woodhouse Park Wythenshawe Manchester.
Director: Cyril Butcher New Faces (Mar 17th) director: John Frankau Pier Angeli (Mar 24th) incl The Angry Silence, director: Tania Lieven Royal Command Performances (Mar 31st) scenes from The Last Angry Man, and interviews with the stars, plus other Royal Performance films Betty Box (Apr.
April 7th 1957- Seven Waves Away, Rock Rock Rock!, Davy Crockett and the River Pirates Apr 28th- Their Secret Affair, Doctor At Large, The Tattered Dress crocus discount code april 2018 May 12th- Time Without Pity, 10,000 Bedrooms, Guns of Fort Petticoat, Man Afraid May 26th- The Wings of Eagles.
1 What is Psychology?Commentator: Canon SH Price.Director: Bill Allenby (ATV) Holiday Service Aug 14th 1966: from Quay Methodist Church Bridlington.Unwin Time That master inventor of Gobbledygook, Stanley Unwin made numerous tv appearances, but I think this was the only series of his very own.Mandy finds it difficult to understand how someone can become a genius through no fault of his own.

Cast lists for programmes 7 to 11 (Oct 3-7) was as before but excluded Olive Milbourne and Walter Horsbrugh, but included Christine Pollon as Grete Edler, O'Donovan Shiell as Dr Kevin O'Shea, James Lomas as PC Doakes and David Anthony as A Policeman.
Director: Tony Palmer (ATV).
These last four shows were on the road: July 12th was from the Winter Gardens Blackpool.
Director: Aud Penrose The Beatles (Apr 9th 1964,.10pm) interview by Adrian Cairns at Twickenham Studios Note: TTT also screened a 50 minute Movietime series in 1962, hosted by Nick Barker (Close Up?) menu of ITV film shows.Director: Berkeley Smith (Southern) Sept 11th 1960: from Eltham Park Baptist Church London."When Max goes to his bank to cash a cheque, he is asked to see the manager Mr Roberts, who is anxious to know what economies Max is preparing to make.This is because we have been seen on television." Another boon of the programmes was the provision of sets in hospitals enabling those unable to go to church to enjoy morning worship.He castigates Gwen for not protecting him from her, and that upsets Gwen.Producer: RS Compton (ATV) The Army MT School Bordon (Monday September 10th 1956, 4-5pm) Demonstration of Hill Climbing over the Laundry Hill circuit.11 Pressure Groups and the House of Commons (Mar 21st 1965) with Prof S Finer, Maurice Edelman, Angus Maude.A number of shows were made on location, including from an Army camp at Kingston-on-Thames, and an RAF base at Odiham (Aug 7th 1958).

Now he would like an early response to his offer, but Max insists he must first resolve his personal domestic problems.
Director: Bill Allenby (ATV) Holy Baptism with Communion Nov 22nd 1964: from Leigh Parish Church Lancs.
Director: Bill Allenby (ATV) Aug 30th 1964: from All Saints' Church Bradford.