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Kokichi ouma gifts

She's cheerful, outgoing, and motivated, and directs these traits toward escaping Monokuma and his murderous game.
Only Friend : Keebo is her only real friend, to the point where he and Gonta (her amnesiac murderer) are the only people who insist they would have been friends outside the killing game.
Noble Bigot : Despite her vocal hatred toward men, she is still a good person.She's constantly following Himiko around ( even in the map often bugging her for attention, and stares closely at her face all the time.Required Secondary Powers : An interesting case.Recurring Element : Traditionally from the previous games, she's the third Chapter Two murderer to have The Reveal in the class trial.Kick the Dog : When Shuichi begins cornering her as thank you gift ideas for camp counselors a suspect, Kirumi asks him to reconsider his deductions and specifically brings up Kaede, mentioning she wishes to honor her last request.Also, like Byakuya and Sonia before her, she is followed around by an annoying but well-meaning Stalker with a Crush she isn't interested.Villainous Breakdown : Goes through one in the final trial where all of the other students refuse to vote as she starts panicking a lot more, and as Maki pointed out, she started cosplaying a lot less.

After it's made clear the subsequent trial isn't able to reveal her real enemy, and as she realised Shuichi figured out she was the blackened, she passes the torch and takes on the role of an opponent in hopes Shuichi can overcome his fear and.
Because of that, she was unable to stop Gonta from strangling her with toilet paper.
This is a partial character sheet for.
My inventions will change the world.
At the end of the 3rd trial, Miu accidentally reveals that she has an unlucky love life, much is supported by her Friendless Background.Adorkable : She has her moments.Same goes with the Ultimate/Super High School Level titles.Pet the Dog : A pre- Character Development Himiko agreed to do the magic show with Angie in order to lift everyone's spirits after Kaede's death, which is notable considering how "tiring" she found everything up to that point.Conspiracy Theorist : She believes there is a conspiracy to hide the existence of magic from the public.Recurring Element : Like Aoi and Akane from the past two games, Angie is the resident dark-skinned girl of the group.

However, this is mostly an act; whenever people snap at her, she can't stand up to them at all.
Moment, and Himiko remembers Tenko's advice that it's not shameful to express them, that she finally shows Tears of Remorse.
She forms a strong friendship with Himiko early on in the game, which begins to fall apart when Himiko starts to find more comfort around Angie.