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Mon paris ysl 50ml gift set

As such I'm going to wear this to alternate with Arpege my signature for life, because I find that this is like an Arpege flanker!
The white flowers are at the forefront of this fragrance.
Both scents have a similar emphasis on women's independence and freedom.
Aldehydes Honeysuckle Peach Green Notes Bergamot Lemon.
This gal has her life together and does not need a man to do anything for her.This is a lovely powdery rose perfume for a woman that works for a living but wants to smell like she dso coupon code can still be a lady of leisure.Thank You Yves Saint Laurent for giving us both Opium and Rive Gauche.The perfume is traditionally formulated: aldehydes, citrus, florals, woods, musk.

This has a soapy amber, a heady sandalwood, some earthy tones of animalic musk, some vetiver grass, and oak moss/oak wood.
Where has this fragrance been all my life?
She can be a self-made business woman in SoHo New York City; and I say SoHo because Greenwich Village is the American equivalent of Paris' Left Bank, as much as it can be worn by a hard working social climbing but not snobbish French business.
Joining her are white magnolia, white rose, and lily of the valley.
Not to be mistaken ever with the Right Bank with it's predictable formality and it's capitalistic nuances.I've been wearing this fragrance for the last 2 days here in Manhattan and I already feel like it suits me perfectly.This fragrance was for scenting the shoulder pads on those business suits.For a perfume that is meant to evoke the liberated modern business woman, it can still feel stereotypically feminine.These are the same notes in Arpege when it begins to perform it's magic.Rive Gauche by YSL was the Revlon Charlie of French perfumery in the Eighties.This is a rose perfume with scented nobel prize in chemistry and physics clouds of powder.