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Should i give my puppy away

should i give my puppy away

We got her at 8 weeks.
In some of the most severe cases, professionals may advise you that the most humane thing you can do is euthanasia.
I knew about the puppy blues, I knew about play biting, the importance of socialization, etc.We're both working from home this month because of the puppy.Before you decide to get rid of your dog, please consider some alternatives.Anyone who has tried to rent an apartment with a dog knows it is not always easy.It is very possible that I suck and can't handle this-and if this is the case I want to realize it sooner rather than later so I don't waste time for the puppy.The same applies if your move is temporary and dogs are truly not allowed.

Be sure that you have truly explored all avenues before you make a final decision.
I feel like this isn't even the puppy blues anymore, just some realization that I've made a terrible, british airways coupon code 2015 terrible decision.
My husband and I are both fairly active and run half-marathons, go rock-climbing drinights com coupon code and hiking.
I learned a lot from all of your replies.
We were on the wait list for our German Shepherd puppy for almost a year.I need to think deeply for my job, and I can't do that while taking a dog out to poo every two hours, and having training sessions, play times, stressful walks when I'm constantly trying to redirect her, running around to puppy classes, vet appointments.Fast forward to this week.Then, be certain to introduce the baby to the dog appropriately.I am clicker-training her at least 4x 5-10min sessions daily and socializing her with strangers on walks, so hopefully whoever ends up being her guardian will have a well-adjusted pup.I value my career, ambition, and freedom too much.If your dog knows his place in the family, you can have a safer, more peaceful family unit.Plus, it's important that you raise your children to respect dogs.Watch Now: 9 Simple Ways to Love Your Pet.