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Several weeks later (at my daughters birthday party!) they corner me and say that one of my brothers friends wives also wants to give the announcement party and they dont know what to do! .I was just grateful, anyway, for their efforts.K also..
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Should you take a gift to a retirement party

Chances are at this point in the engagement the couple hasn't had time to register for gifts.
Follow the same basic guidelines as you would for wedding and shower gifts.
A few months back, I was invited to a house party for just a few people.
The gentleman who arrives with a gift to offer is known for his thoughtfulness and faux pas prompted me to think of how others handle this old-fashioned custom that is not well-practiced anymore.Because of this, learning the proper etiquette may seem a bit old-fashioned and antiquated, but thats far from the case.Bring a gift to a party.No matter how closely you're related or how well you know your friends, being a guest in someone's home calls for a little extra sensitivity and awareness.View more lifestyle advice.If you are invited to a dinner party at a restaurant, it generally isnt necessary to bring a hostess gift.Here are some pointers on how to select an appropriate bottle.If so, will you also be expected to also get bridal shower and wedding gifts?He leaves his home 10 minutes early, swings by the store, and grabs a thing or two.This tip doesnt always apply to things like housewarming celebrations or bridal showers, where the hostess may not be expected to receive a gift anyway.You can write a sweet or funny poem about how they fell in love or a note about your friendship with the couple.

Gifts to consider for a housewarming: Tree sapling that can be transplanted in the yard Dishtowels Bath towels Picture frame or collection of frames Glasses or stemware Boxed tool set for a new homeowner Basket filled with small items, such as coasters, soaps, pens, notepads, etc.
The extravagance of your gift will depend on the length of your stay and the accommodations you are provided.
Thank You Note If you're the one who just had the engagement party, don't forget to send thank you notes to everyone who brought a gift.
What you need to focus on instead is what that person will like.
Never expect anything from your guests since the purpose of this event is to share the news with the people you care about most.At the door, he presents the small gift, and immediately he is thanked with profuse appreciation.Not wine, summer gift ideas for kids not beer, not chocolate.Its so easy to side with one method of social organization or another.Ask the host or hostess ahead of time if there is anything you can bring to the occasion to contribute.A collection of three to four different soap scents ensures your hostess will find a scent she enjoys.