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Smashwords coupon code

If you ironville clothing coupon code uploaded a direct.epub using our Smashwords Direct feature, then after you upload a new cover image please also remember to upload a new version of your.epub file as well, otherwise it'll continue to use your older cover image.
It's not necessary since you'll attach your isbn on our isbn Manager page.
All authors should be listed on the ebook cover image.
Disadvantage : If you're not proficient with word processing, or you don't own Microsoft Word or Open Office Writer (a good, free word processor an improperly formatted book will prevent or delay the distribution of your book.
If your images are too high resolution, they will be very large, and can cause the file size of your ebook to balloon.Advantage : it's free, and if you're relatively proficient with Microsoft Word, or you have the patience to learn by following our Style Guide, it's not difficult. I just uploaded an updated version of my book. .If you reside outside the US, your Smashwords earnings are subject to a 30 tax withholding, mandated by the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS).If you're looking for the direct hyperlink to your book page at Blio (so you can link to it from your blog, website or online promotions replace the xxxxx with your isbn - xxxxx *mobile APP catalog* Aldiko - Aldiko is the most popular e-reading.See Step 7 in the Style Guide which shows how to open and view your underlying paragraph styles. .The author pages and book pages are all cross linked and connected back to the Publisher account, offering your readers greater serendipitous discovery of all your titles.What does Smashwords offer publishers?

Once we ship your book to a retailer, it can take anywhere from a few hours to a week before it appears on their digital shelves.
Just as over-pricing can be bad, so too can under-pricing.
Initial Caps/ALL caps/lower caps - Initial caps refers to sentences or phrases in which the first letter of each word is capitalized, but articles (words like the, this, and) and prepositions (anything a rabbit can do to a tree stump, like under, over, on) are.You (the author or publisher) are the publisher, and you retain all ownership rights to your works. .Traditional commercial publishers have warmed to independently published authors, especially if those authors have established a strong sales record. .Final tip: As we suggest in the Style Guide, using the Header style sparingly, usually only for chapter or section headings.Learn more at the bisg bisac FAQ. .Glossary of Ebook Terminology Getting Started with Smashwords What is Smashwords?You hire them to format your book to the specifications of the Smashwords Style Guide, or to design for you a good-looking ebook cover. .If the book is erotica, it may be subject to a manual review by the iBooks store before it appears.They might slap their own name on it, or they might try to sell it in your name (yes, this happens! .First, I should state I am a big admirer of the publishing industry.

See the Style Guide for more instructions.
We have grown significantly over the years but we still feel like we're just getting started.