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Song dead giveaway

You're a dead giveaway, I've seen you happy all the time.
It's not that no one really hears you, Just that nobody really cares.
Like someone who's just seen the light, Like someone looking for a fight.
People say you're a dead giveaway, Dead will the falcons win giveaway, Dead giveaway, Dead giveaway.
Somebody knockin' at the door!Same thing ev'ry day, being foolish, Being asked to lose your seat.Well, you're a dead giveaway, Asked to leave ev'rywhere you.Dead giveaway, Dead giveaway, Dead giveaway, Dead giveaway.Take it or leave it, you're a blind drunk, And if you ain't that, you're far too stoned.I play hide my heart 'till the world gone dark fades away.

Don't look to me 'cause i know your game, Nonsense merchant, hall of fame.
'Cause you're a dead giveaway, Smell a rat in ev'rything you.
Well, it's a dead giveaway, You're a dead giveaway, Dead giveaway, Nobody really cares, Dead giveaway.
You're a dead giveaway, You're a dead giveaway, You're a dead giveaway, You're a dead giveaway, Dead giveaway.I stay dead 'till you veil my scars and say goodbye to fore it's too late.Don't live lonely life, Dead giveaway.Don't look to me askin to be helped up to your feet.People like you see it comin' a mile off, Find it hard stayin' in line.Don't you know you're a dead giveaway?Robbo Da Yobbo Dead Giveaway.Charles Ramsey dead giveaway.Dead Giveaway Get to the Chopper.