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Teachers accepting gifts from students

The innocent act of gift-giving can become associated with expecting higher grades, more lenient rules, extra time or some other favor in return: an appalling lesson.
If head teachers are having to run marathons to save staff being sacked because of budget cuts then whats wrong with saying support our school SOS style?
A valuable gift under any circumstances puts a teacher in an ethical dilemma; accept it and feel obligated to treat the child differently or refuse to accept it and risk offending the child and the parent.
I come from a health-care perspective.
But then we could blame the system too.For example, Practical Action offer a range of educational gifts for teachers to transform the lives of poor people around the world.The limit also applies to group gifts, and taking up a collection for a teacher is against the law if the gift will be more than.Reading Time: 3 minutes, should teachers accept end of term gifts?Knowing that belk com rewards time and energy went into something special is very much appreciated.In many cases, teachers have protected themselves by politely refusing to accept gifts that are obviously too valuable.The trading of valuable objects, money or activities for a teacher's favor is only one step away from bribery, where gifts or money are given in exchange for special treatment.Not all families have the financial means to purchase a gift and if it is an accepted custom, children could feel embarrassed if a gift is not bought gc gift cards or is not as big or expensive as others.Rejecting the gift can be slightly insulting and harm student-teacher rapport.I kindly told them no thank you, but they insisted.Teaching unions have often pointed out that present giving has become over-commercialised and competitive.Just say thank you!

Of course, it isnt just the shops but ruthless retailers have jumped on a bandwagon, pumped the balloons and made teddies and mugs devoted to The Worlds Best Teacher a tacky side-show to keep them going until Back To School promotions (which ironically start the.
Okay, a polite thank you would be nice but we shouldnt expect that either.
One state teachers' organization, the Texas Classroom Teachers' Association, has established that a teacher should accept "no gifts that impair professional judgment or obtain special advantage." While the teachers who wrote the document obviously meant to avoid setting a dollar limit on gifts, the term.
A class gift is now commonplace where there is a whip-round organised by one parent on behalf of everyone else some parents contribute to this and still buy an individual present as well.
One teacher may be dazzled by a dozen discount drink packages royal caribbean roses while another would be insulted.Expecting nothing is definitely the best policy.Buying presents can damage relationships especially when children start comparing who bought what fuelled by the anxieties of their Mum- or Dadzillas.Make a gift, these generally melt the heart of the teacher.I know if I said no once again, she would have been insulted.What children learn, for the whole education establishment, the issue of setting limits on teacher gifts should center on what children and young people learn from the act of giving the teacher an expensive gift.If only it were that simple.But gift giving isnt expected and it isnt necessary.Words are more powerful than any gift, in fact, it would be the best thing you can.

Especially wine, we all know you need it!