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The x prize

The Trump administration recently directed nasa to send humans to the lunar surface again.
Scanadu (USA) - Team from scanadu, led by Walter De Brouwer.
But Anteby says the team has enough to keep going for now, and that theyre still fundraising.The rules of the competition were relatively straightforward: michael goodwin pulitzer prize build a robotic lander, using mostly private money, that can touch down gently on the Moon.We believe were at the right time and right place to continue doing what weve been doing.But the Pittsburgh-based company still plans to send its spacecraft to the Moon and it boasts some impressive business partners.Hakuto /ispace The Japanese team Hakuto had already built its lunar rover, Sorato, before the X Prize deadline but it was all dressed up with nowhere.Originally, Astrobotic hoped to fly the lander in 2019, but Thornton says the target date for the mission is now mid-2020.That knowledge will help ispace build a low-cost lunar transportation system, he said.Last year, only five finalist teams were left in the competition, from the original 29 teams that registered for the challenge.

The winner was promised 20 million and the second-place team would have won 5 million.
Mesi ( Slovenia ) - Team from medical device company mesi, partnering with Jozef Stefan Institute, bs, and Gigodesign, led by Jakob Susteric.
The group recently announced a partnership with Vodafone and Nokia to put a 4G base-station on the lunar surface.7 Danvantri (India) - Team from technology company American Megatrends India and led by Sridharan Mani.Other teams could have received extra 1573 leicester discount money for doing special tasks like completing a full orbit around the Moon or filming video from an old Apollo landing site.Ksiyc, przebdzie co najmniej 500 metrów po jego powierzchni oraz wyle.8 The rest of the original 10 million prize purse was diverted to ongoing consumer testing to get tricorder technology into the hands of patients (3.8 million) and adapting tricorders for use in hospitals in developing countries (1.6 million).The company is still developing its lander, though its making some new design changes.Dearborn, ansari X prize dla pierwszej organizacji pozarzdowej, która dwukrotnie wystrzeli statek kosmiczny wielokrotnego uytku (mogcy zabra na pokad 3 osoby) na wysoko 100 km (granica przestrzeni kosmicznej wedug standardów, midzynarodowej Federacji Lotniczej ).Wendy Schmidt Oil Cleanup X challenge za rozwizanie przyspieszajce tempo usuwania ropy z powierzchni mórz i oceanów, ogoszona Wspózawodnictwo rozpoczo si 1 sierpnia 2010.

Once there, the spacecraft had to explore the lunar surface and then send back video and pictures to Earth.
Hakuto was able to raise more than 90 million in funding during the competition and is being overseen by a company called ispace.
But many of the teams that competed in the Google Lunar X Prize say they are still forging ahead, even without the promise of millions of dollars in prize money.