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What is fas rewards

95-5 eitf 94-6 (Superseded) Accounting for the Buyout of Compensatory Stock Options Status: Nullified by FIN 44 eitf 94-7 (Superseded) Accounting for Financial Instruments Indexed to, and delta discount business class fares Potentially Settled in, a Company's Own Stock Status: Codified in Issue.
20 (Issue Date 8/83) As Issued Summary Status Statement.
143 Full Text eitf 02-7 (Superseded) Unit of Accounting for Testing Impairment of Indefinite-Lived Intangible Assets Full Text eitf 02-8 (Superseded) Accounting for Options Granted to Employees in Unrestricted, Publicly Traded Shares of an Unrelated Entity Full Text eitf 02-9 (Superseded) Accounting for Changes That.
65 When a Loan Is Sold with Servicing Retained Status: Resolved by FTB 87-3 and FAS 125 eitf 85-27 (Superseded) Recognition of Receipts from Made-Up Rental Shortfalls Full Text eitf 85-28 (Superseded) Consolidation Issues Relating to Collateralized Mortgage Obligations Status: Resolved by FAS 94 eitf.
44 Status: Nullified by FAS 123(R) except for entities within the scope of paragraph 83 of FAS 123(R) Full Text eitf 00-24 (Superseded) Revenue Recognition: Sales Arrangements That Include Specified-Price Trade-in Rights Full Text eitf 00-25 (Superseded) Vendor Income Statement Characterization of Consideration Paid.128 Full Text eitf 03-7 (Superseded) Accounting for the Settlement of the Equity-Settled Portion of a Convertible Debt Instrument That Permits or Requires the Conversion Spread to Be Settled in Stock (Instrument C of Issue.20 and fasb Statement.16 and 17 (Issue Date 2/76) As Amended As Issued Status Interpretation 8 (Superseded) Classification of a Short-Term Obligation Repaid Prior to Being Replaced by a Long-Term Securityan interpretation of fasb Statement.96-13 eitf 96-2 (Superseded) Impairment Recognition When a Nonmonetary Asset Is Exchanged or Is Distributed to Owners and Is Accounted for at the Asset's Recorded Amount Status: Codified in Issue.64 (Superseded) Extinguishments of Debt Made to Satisfy Sinking-Fund Requirementsan amendment of fasb Statement.33 (Issue Date 1/82) As Issued Summary Status Statement.Dollar-Denominated Loans to the Argentine Private Sector Full Text Topic D-5 (Superseded) Extraordinary Treatment Related to Abandoned Nuclear Power Plants Full Text Topic D-6 (Superseded) Income Capital Certificates and Permanent Income Capital Certificates Status: Deemed no longer technically helpful Topic D-7 (Superseded) Adjustment of Deferred.133 and 140 (Issue Date 02/06) As Amended As Issued Summary Status Statement.3 (Superseded) Reporting Accounting Changes in Interim Financial Statementsan amendment of APB buymbs coupon code Opinion.96 (Issue Date 12/89) As Issued Summary Status Statement.

35 (Superseded) Accounting and Reporting by Defined Benefit Pension Plans (Issue Date 3/80) As Amended As Issued Summary Status Statement.
8 (Issue Date 9/76) As Issued Status Interpretation 14 (Superseded) Reasonable Estimation of the Amount of a Lossan interpretation of fasb Statement.
78 (Superseded) Classification of Obligations That Are Callable by the Creditoran amendment of ARB.
25 (Issue Date 8/84) As Amended As Issued Summary Status Interpretation 37 (Superseded) Accounting for Translation Adjustments upon Sale of Part of an Investment in a Foreign Entityan interpretation of fasb Statement.
24 (Superseded) Reporting Segment Information in Financial Statements That Are Presented in Another Enterprise's Financial Reportan amendment of fasb Statement.97-10 and fasb Interpretation.121 (Superseded) Accounting for the Impairment of Long-Lived Assets and for Long-Lived Assets to Be Disposed Of (Issue Date 3/95) As Issued Summary Status Statement.15 and the aicpa Savings and Loan Guide Status: Nullified by FAS 114 eitf 87-6 (Superseded) Adjustments Relating to Stock Compensation Plans Status: Nullified by FIN 44 eitf 87-7 (Superseded) Sale of an Asset Subject to a Lease and Nonrecourse Financing: "Wrap Lease Transactions" Full.16 to Physician Practice Management Entities and Certain Other Entities with Contractual Management Arrangements Full Text eitf 97-3 (Superseded) Accounting for Fees and Costs Associated with Loan Syndications and Loan Participations after the Issuance of fasb Statement.43, Chapter 3A (Issue Date 12/83) As Amended As Issued Summary Status Statement.131 Full Text Topic D-71 (Superseded) Accounting Issues Relating to the Introduction of the European Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) Full Text Topic D-72 (Superseded) Effect of Contracts That May Be Settled in Stock or Cash on the Computation of Diluted Earnings per Share Full.